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Leg Pain Symptoms

Many of our patients experience a sense of heaviness and discomfort in their legs. Even if enlarged veins are not visible, underlying varicose vein problems may still contribute to aches and pain in the legs.

Causes of leg aches and pains.

There are many potential causes of leg discomfort, including those that are readily apparent, such as sprains, sports injuries, shin splints, or back problems. Other causes may not be as easily identified, particularly those related to vascular issues such as poor circulation or varicose veins.

Even if you cannot see varicose veins on the surface of your skin, they may still be the cause of aching leg pain. Some varicose veins are below the surface and can only be seen via ultrasound technology. Varicose veins are caused by weakened or damaged valves in veins that no longer keep blood from flowing backward and pooling. Learn more about varicose vein pain.

Leg ache and pain treatments.

At Coastal Vein Vascular Institute, we offer safe, effective treatments for the weakened veins that can be a cause of leg discomfort. After a detailed ultrasound evaluation, we may recommend one or more of our vein treatments:

Vein ablation: Guided by ultrasound, a small catheter is placed into the vein and a laser is used to treat the vessel. This treatment causes minimal discomfort, and can be done in a short visit to Coastal Vein.

Compression therapy: Medical compression stockings aid circulation and help blood return from the legs to the heart. Special compression stockings are prescribed by our physicians and have proven to be effective for many people in relieving a number of varicose vein symptoms and keeping varicose veins from worsening. They are most often worn during the day and removed before going to bed.

Upon evaluation, our physicians will determine the compression strength that is best for you.

Ambulatory phlebectomy: Often used after or in combination with vein ablation, phlebectomy is a minimally invasive treatment that removes a varicose vein with very small incisions along the vein. No stitches are needed and there is no downtime for recovery. Performed with local anesthesia, the results of this procedure are immediate.

Contact us for treatment of your leg aches and pains.

The board-certified physicians at our Jacksonville vein clinic offer a complete vascular health screening that allow us to develop a personalized treatment plan for each of our patients. If you suffer from leg aches, heaviness, pain, or other discomfort, contact us or request an appointment today.

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