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Restless Legs Syndrome

According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as 10 percent of Americans may have restless legs syndrome (RLS). At our Jacksonville vein clinic, we use the latest vein ablation techniques to help relieve RLS symptoms in our patients.

What is restless legs syndrome?

This movement disorder causes sufferers an often overwhelming urge to move their legs. The symptoms usually occur at night, leading to daytime fatigue due to disrupted sleep. The discomfort is sometimes relieved by moving the legs, which is likely to be temporary.

Patients report a wide range of symptoms, including sensations of pulling, throbbing, itching, and “pins and needles” in their legs.

Diagnosing RLS.

The diagnosis of restless legs syndrome is made based on symptoms without a definitive medical test.

Our restless legs syndrome treatment.

While not all patients who have restless legs syndrome also have vein disease, some studies have shown that 90 percent of patients with both conditions report substantial improvement in RLS symptoms after vein ablation. This safe, ultrasound-guided procedure involves placing a small catheter into the diseased vein and treating it with a laser. This causes the vein to close and symptoms to resolve.

Following your vein treatment, you may relax in comfort in our recovery room prior to going home.

Contact us for treatment of your RLS symptoms.

The physicians at Coastal Vein Vascular Institute are trained in the latest vascular procedures and are here to help you look and feel your best. Because our physicians are board-certified in Interventional Radiology, we are able to diagnose and treat a wide range of vascular issues, including deep vein thrombosis and other medical conditions. If you are concerned about RLS symptoms, please contact us with any questions or request an appointment today.

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